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Welcome to the Madrid Internet Exchange

The MAD-IX is a new neutral internet exchange point in Madrid, Spain. Located in the telco district in the north of Madrid, it offers excellent relialable, secure and neutral connectivity to ISPs, carriers and other networks seeking to interconnect for public or private peering.

What makes the MAD-IX special, is that though it is operated as a for-profit internet exchange, it maintains its neutrality by not interfering in any way in the interconnections its customers seek to establish with one another. The only limitation a network has for joining is a RIPE membership and AS domain, other than that anyone is free to join. We offer the platform and the website, you interconnect your network as you see fit.

Apart from our neutrality, MAD-IX offers a number of services new to internet exchanges in Spain. We offer separate VLANs (called ‘Closed User Groups’) for connected networks who apart from their peering needs would also like to use their connection for other networking needs, such as IP transit, multilateral peering agreements or to interconnect MPLS based IP VPNs. Separated from the peering fabric using VLANs, it offers networks the benefit of providing for all their connectivity needs in a secure, neutral environment.

The Madrid Internet Exchange now also offers ProXimity™ peering. Over a separate VLAN, MAD-IX members now are able to peer directly with over 80 networks worldwide. To reach these networks, all you need is your port at MAD-IX over which this VLAN can be reached as well. For an overview of these networks, please look at our connected networks section.

All information needed for a connection to MAD-IX is available through this site, should you nonetheless have further enquiries before deciding to join, please feel free to contact us. MAD-IX offers assistance free of charge to providers that are currently looking at becoming a RIPE LIR.